Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

So on Thursday we actually all went shopping as a family.  Besides going out to eat with Great Grandma & Grandpa Haefeker this was our first true outing as a family.  Happy to say Shea & Wes slept right through it.  Looks like they will like shopping about as much as their mom does ;). On Christmas Eve we celebrated with the Weber family at our house.  Shea & Wes met their cousins  - Tyler, Nikki, Joey, & Matthew for the first time and everyone had a great time.  Grandma Raylene and Grandpa Mike, Uncle Chris, and Aunt Jenny and Uncle Steve were also there.  We had a great time.


Cousins Tyler & Nikki with Wes in his Swaddle Sack :)

Cousins Tyler, Nikki, & Matt with Wes

Cousins Joey, Tyler, Nikki, & Matt with Wes

Grandma Raylene, Cousin Nikki, and Shea

Cousin Nikki with Shea

Christmas Day was spend out in Neola with the Turner clan.  It was a great day and Shea & Wes met their cousins - Pete, Tom, & Michael!!  So they have officially met all 13 of their cousins.  They will also be gaining a new boy cousin in May and who knows what next Christmas might bring!



Aunt Heather & Wes

Uncle Andy and Wes

Aunt Laura and Shea

Cousin Connor and Shea

Uncle Joe "Chillin" with Wes

Uncle Andy and Shea

Cousin Michael, Uncle Joe, and Wes

Cousin Jed, Uncle Andy, and Shea

The Turner Clan :)

Grandma Bonnie and Shea

Our Family

Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 22nd - Great Grandparents and other extended family!!

So today started a day of many first for Shea and Wes.  They went on their first long car ride to Hastings, NE (2 hour drive).   We went to see my Grandparents (so their Great Grandparents!!).  They slept the whole way down which was very nice.

We first went to my Grandparents the Haefeker's.  After stopping  to feed them at their house, we followed them to the Golden Rod Cafe to have lunch with them at Uncle Henry (Shea & Wes' Great Uncle!).  This is the first time that we have gone out to eat as a family (I should have taken some pics here but didn't).  We then went back to their house to hang out for awhile.

Great Grandma Donna & Shea

Great Grandma Donna, Shea, and I

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Great Grandma Donna, Great Grandpa Herb & Wes

Great Grandpa Herb & Wes

Great Grandpa Herb with Shea & Wes

Great Grandma Donna with Shea & Wes

We then went over to Grandma and Grandpa Weber's. Great Grandma Ilene loved holding the babies and even caught a quick little power nap with Wes!! We hope Great Aunt Lori sends of picture of it!!   They had a great time there as well and received lots of love from our extended family.  All in All it was a great day!!!

Me, Great Grandma Ilene, Shea, Great Grandpa Ben, Rob, & Wes

2nd Cousin Jackie

Great Grandma Ilene & Shea

2nd Cousin Jesse with Wes

Great Grandma Ilene & Wes

Great Aunt Lori with Shea

Great Grandma Ilene with Shea & Wes

2nd Cousin Cari holding Wes, 2nd Cousin Ally holding Shea, 2nd Cousin Erik holding 3rd Cousin Madison and 3rd cousin Jake :)

Great Grandpa Ben with Wes and Great Grandma Ilene with Shea

Cousin Cari holding Wes while he does his favorite thing - SNUGGLE :)

Great Aunt Suzi talking to Shea - Shea had lots of smiles for Aunt Sue!!1

3rd Cousin Madison who is 6 months and just the cutest little girl ever with the biggest Smile - Rob adores her and couldn't quit talking about how cute she is!!  Can't wait for next year for Shea and Wes to be able to play with Madison!!