Thursday, January 27, 2011


So it has been a little while since our last post.  We have had lots of fun times and taken lots of pictures to show everyone how big Shea and Wes are getting.  I have ended up working 11 days straight with Walk thrus for buyers on my days off.  We have been fortunate to have Aunt Michelle, Aunt Laura, and Grandma Bonnie stop by to visit Rob and the babies!!  They are also getting better at Tummy time and they are getting to be such at such a fun stage.  They also are continuing to show us what awesome sleepers they are.  They sleep at least 7 hours each night now (and we have been blessed with 9.5 hours on multiple occasions!!). 

This coming week is going to bring the following so our update will be much more interesting!!  Sunday - Baptism, Tuesday - turn 4 months, and Wednesday - 4 month Dr.'s appointment.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mass & Dinner -1-15-10

Shea and Wes attended their first Mass tonight.  They did a great job and didn't even cry once (and the only noise they made was Wes's Hiccups :)  ).   We then went to Tanduri Fusion for Dinner and again they were perfect babies!!  It was such a great evening as a family!! 

Shea is also up to drinking 4 oz's each feeding!!  They have been so fun to be around lately and are smiling and starting to laugh.  Cousin Chelsey is also in Omaha taking College Classes.  She came over the other night to meet Shea and Wes and have Dinner with us!!  Here are some more pics :)

Cousin Chelsey & Wes

Wes in his bath robe from Uncle Henry and Aunt Sally!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Babysitter, Sadie's Piano Recital, and Hanging Out

So Shea and Wes had their first babysitter and the first time we have left them on Saturday January 8th (so they were 3 months and 1 week old).  We had their baptism class and children were not welcome at the class.  Aunt Laura and cousins Connor, Chloe, Will, and Jed came over to watch them for us so we knew they were in good hands and did not worry!! I am so glad that Rob is still able to be home with the babies.  We do not know how long he will be laid off but so far it has worked out great.  I would not trust anyone else to feed Shea besides Rob and myself so this has been a blessing for us. 

Cousin Chloe & Shea

Aunt Laura & Wes in Dad's new Lazy Boy (I do not like the looks of it but must admit that it is comfy)

Shea and Wes also went to Cousin Sadies Piano recital on Saturday.  Sadie played First Noel and Monkey Business and Shea and Wes loved listening to cousin Sadie and did not cry at the recital.   We have also been practicing tummy time and bumbo time with Shea and Wes and here are some pics from that :)

All dressed up and ready to go!

Love this face :)

Wes's idea of tummy time - it still hasn't changed :(

Wes in Dad in Dad's new Chair

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years, Happy 3 month Birthday,and Miscellaneous

Welcome 2011.  2010 was filled for so many amazing things for us.  We are so grateful to be blessed with 2 of the best babies ever.  They are so good and Rob and I can not  imagine only having one (or none for that matter).  We are so glad we decided to do invitro and that it worked the first time and we got twins.  We seriously don't know what we would do without these two wonderful little ones. 

Shea and Wes went and got their last Synagis shot on Wednesday the 29th.  Wes is up to 13.5 lbs!!  and Shea is up to 8.85 - she will be topping 9 lbs before we know it.  Wes eats 6 oz's every feeding and Shea eats just over 3 oz's each feeding.   Shea is still in newborn close (getting close to moving up to 0-3 month sizes) and Wes is very close to being in 6 month sizes!!  Both babies handled the shots well (well after the initial shot of course).  We also purchase the baby Einstein videos - Baby Mozart and Baby Bach.  I would have to say we have a little "cousin Tom" on our hands with Wesley - he is a tv nut!!!  Shea on the other hand not so much.  Wes also remains our cuddler and Shea prefers not to be cuddled.  It is so cute to watch their different personalities emerge. 

New Years Eve was spent having a sleep over with  the Ekborg Boys - Cousin Connor (11), Will (8), and Jed (5).  We also had Uncle Andy and Aunt Michelle and Cousin Sadie and Simon (also Twins!! who are 10).  We had a great night although we didn't see much of Will and Simon as they gamed it up in the basement!!  Cousins Connor and Sadie are so good with Shea and Wes - it is awesome to see what great cousins Shea and Wes have and how close they will be to them!!

Here are some picks to wrap up the end of the new year:

Rob making Root Beer floats with Connor & Sadie

Cousin Jed eating his root beer float

Cousin Jed who slept in his fort Uncle Rob built

Uncle Andy playing Wii Resort with Rob - Action shot ;)

Cousin Connor with Shea

Cousin Sadie, Shea, and Connor

Shea in her Iowa State hat that Uncle Chris got her for Christmas

Shea with her Blanket from Cousin Connor - she loves it!!

Shea's hands are always cold so Rob was warming them up - I think this picture is so funny!

Shea in her cute hat one of my buyers made for her (Wes has one in blue)

Uncle Kevin - also known as Shea's Godfather!! and Shea - we love this picture
Shea and Wes also turned 3 months on New Years day so we of course had to take a lot of pictures (they will hate me when they are older for this and Wes wasn't the happiest to start the day but then got into it)!!

Wes wasn't too excited about his new year pics!

Getting So Big!!

He did like his 3 month pics though!

Happy New Year to all our Family and Friends.  May you have a happy and prosperous 2011!!

Love Rob, Missy, Wes, Shea, Porter, & Winston