Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Start of Summer 2012

Summer is off to a fantastic start - Shea and Wes love playing in the water - we went to the College World Series Family day with Grandma Raylene, Uncle Chris, Aunt Jenny, Tyler, Nikki, Joey, and Matty for a little bit on Thursday (it was a little too warm!!).  We then came back and hung out and ate spaghetti at our house.  Shea would not leave Joey and Matty's food alone!!    We are also in the process of potty training Wes.  He is doing awesome and is ready (Shea on the other hand is not and she will be trained later ;). 

Rob and I did the Warrior Dash earlier this month - to say the least - i have started working out and we are looking forward to some more 5k runs this year!!  We also went out the other night with our good friends Jack & Trish and Shea and Wes had fun with Aunt Laura and cousins Jed and Will!!

Jack, Tricia, Rob & I

Uncle Chris, Shea, Wes, & Rob

Uncle Chris and Shea

Wes and Dad

Wes, Joey, Matty, & Shea

Tyler & Shea

Matty and Shea (Shea is stealing Matty's food)

Shea & Matty

Shea & Matty

Wes & Dad

Wes & Mom

Wes & Joey

Mom & Wes

Rob & I before at Warrior Dash

Rob & I after Warrior Dash

Friday, June 1, 2012

Instagram Photos

May 2012

Shea and Wes Turned 20 months today - 6/1/12.  We have been a little behind on updating the blog so I will try to catch everyone up!!  Shea and Wes love to go on walks, play at the park, go to the zoo, play in the sprinkler and pool, push anything, pull the wagon (even with cousin Jed in it).  They love to eat food and drink skim milk :) 

Spent time with Dad while I was in Washington D.C. for Women's Council of Realtors (which was nice as I have never been there).  It was so nice to come home to them and Wes's smile in the car after he woke up from a nap on the way home melted my heart!!! 

Shea is a dare devil, sassy, stubborn, funny, cute, and loving.  She is afraid of nothing and continues to scare Rob & I with the fact she is not afraid.  She did a somersault off of the picnic table the other day.  She is learning new words but does not know as many as Wes.  Some of Shea's words include please, cheese (her favorite food), Laura (yes she loves Aunt Laura), plane, bird.

Wes is the most kind hearted boy I have ever met and his laugh is contagious and always a belly laugh!!  He is very smart and learns new words everyday.  He loves to help around the house and is actually good at it (unlike Shea).    Wes actually learned to say please first and I have to say it is hard to tell a polite child no even if you want to ;).  Wes also says Caillou (which they like to watch), bird, plane, hurt, please, no, Shea, and truck just to name a few.  Wes is fascinated by birds and planes.

They both know the following:  feet, hands, eyes, ear, mouth, hair, elbow, shoulder and can say all of them.  They like to wave at everyone and everything.  They are at such a fun age that I can't wait to see how they continue to grow and change.