Sunday, September 18, 2011

9-12-11 - Wes is sick, Our first night away from Shea and Wes and , We have a Walker

Wes is sick:

The last week has been pretty eventful at the Turner House.  Wes got sick the day before labor day so I took him to an emergacare on Labor Day (our first time at one) - he had a virus and an ear infection.  He continued to run a fever all week until Thursday.  He slept about 20 hours per day and didn't have any energy at all.  They spent all week with us at home (thanks to Aunt Laura and Grandma Bonnie helping us out).  He would not eat any food and would barely drink any formula (maybe 10 oz's a day) although he would drink water.  On Thursday Grandma Bonnie came over and I took Shea back in to have her ears looked at (she had an ear infection before but it is cleared up) and Wes in to be looked at again.  When we got there they took his temp and it was 105.3 - the nurse said OMG and I knew something wasn't good.  So they wanted to take some blood to see if it was a virus or not (the Dr thought it was still, it just held on for quite awhile).  So the gal came in to take the blood and I held Wes down - Definitely the hardest thing I have ever done in my life :(   She missed his vein and continued to move it around trying to get it for about 3 minutes.  She then told us someone else would have to come in to do.  I told grandma Bonnie, she could take a turn at holding Wes down :).  They then came back in a little later and Dr. Betsy asked me if I heard what had happened - nope.  I guess the gal who took Wes's blood had poked herself with Wes's needle after she left the room so Wes would need to have an HIV and Hepatitis Test and we would need to go somewhere else to have it done.  Once we got there, they had me set in a chair like I was giving blood with Wes on my lap.  They then sprayed some numbing stuff on it and got the blood right away.  We will always go there from now on to give blood!!  It was a much better experience and everything came back just fine with Wes's blood.  And Friday morning Wes woke up fever free!!!

Our first night away:

On 9/9/11 Rob and I left Shea and Wes for the first time overnight.  The Ekborgs came over to our house and we then left around 8 p.m. to head to Des Moines to stay with Uncle Andy, Aunt Krista, and cousin Sage to go to the Iowa State vs Iowa game on Saturday.  Shea and Wes did awesome and we missed them immensely but know that they were in good hands with the Ekborgs!!

Shea is walking:

On 9/12/11 Shea took her first steps - she went from me to the Ottoman - and I had her repeat it many times.  And yes it was only a couple steps but now she is trying to walk everywhere.  Her longest adventure so far was walking across the living room trying to get Rob's beer can :)

I can't believe we are having their first of two "First" Birthday parties this Saturday!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

11 months - 9-1-11

Happy 11 months to Shea and Wes.  I can not believe that in less than a month they are going to be a year old.  And what a year it has been.  Truly the best year of our lives.  Wes has been pulling himself up for about the last two weeks (right after he started crawling).  Shea and Wes are on the go all the time and I am betting that Shea will be walking by their first birthday and possibly both.  They will both let go of things and stand for a couple seconds or so on their own.  They are also eating more and more food.  Wes just seems to inhale it and loves it.  Shea is a little more picky (of course) but does well.  They both eat better for Rob than me (although Shea takes her bottle best from mom). 

Shea and Wes will be having two parties - one for the Weber side and one for the Turner side - so we will have lots coming up in the next couple of weeks!!

Here are some pics from the last couple weeks. 

Eating Spaghetti for the first time:

The only time they have been in matching outfits:

They love hanging out outside:

Wes loves to swing - Shea does not (she doesn't like to be confined)

Shea's favorite mode of transportation (this or the wagon).  She is not a fan of the stroller as she is confined in it.
 Playing in Shea's Crib and room:

11 month pictures - these are harder and harder to get:

First Saturday of College football - it has so far been a top 5 day in the Turner house!! :

Wes watching the game
 Miscellaneous pics: