Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

Riding the Train
On October 12th - We went to Vala' Pumpkin Patch. Shea and Wes loved it!!  We petted the animals, rode the train, had a bon fire, went thru some "haunted" houses.  Shea and Wes love pumpkins and ghosts - I am excited to see what they think of "Trick or Treating" this year!!

Shea petting the goat

at the Bon Fire

At home with their pumkins- Shea's has a face painted on it and Wes's has a ghost!

Wes looking at the Camel with Dad

Shea and Wes with Mom

Shea and the Camel

Wes and Dad on the train

Two year check up

On October 11th Shea and Wes had their 2 year check up.  They had a great review and the nurse and doctor said they were "Very Smart".  They are also growing like weeds!!  Wes is 39.2" (100th percentile) and 34 lbs (97th percentile). Shea has sprouted up in height and is 35.8" (92nd percentile) and is 23 lbs 7 oz's (10th percentile). Can't wait to see if they end up their projected heights - 6'6" and 5'10" :)

Wes continues to be a happy go lucky guy (With the occasional whining thrown in - which ends quickly with a trip to his room and back out again when he is "ready" which is pretty much right away).  He can identify the letters "R" and "O" by sight - no matter who writes them or what they look like.  He can identify lots of pictures and his vocabulary is quite extensive.  He also loves cars.  Tow Mater and McQueen are currently his favorite.  He also loves Woody from toy story.  Wes is also working on potty training.  When at home he wears big boy underwear and does not have an accident except with going number 2.  We do not have to ask him - just have to make sure we are paying attention as he can not pull down his underwear himself. 

Shea has turned into such a good and happy girl.  She stays content and loves to sing "twinkle twinkle little star" - Loudly.  Shea also has an extensive vocabulary and pretty much loves the same things as Wes.  Shea is not ready for potty training yet but she is warming up to it.  She loves to dance and go "camping" She is also finally growing hair - we can put one barrett in it.  I am now thinking that by her third birthday she might have some hair. 

They both love to play outside.  They both love sausage, pancakes, french toast sticks, cereal with milk, spaghetti, Broccoli, Salad, Ranch, chicken, french fries.  Although neither one likes macaroni and cheese.  They don't any very many sweets since I don't either and we water down their juice.  They do not eat candy and have only had soda (orange) once.  With Halloween coming up we will see about letting them have some candy.

They are also the most polite children I know and they amaze me with it every day.  They say please, thank you, your welcome, Bless you (when somebody coughs and sneezes), they say "scuse me" when they toot.  They are incredibly well behaved in public and when we go out to eat- I have taken them to a restaurant once by myself and even the waiter said they were so good!!

They love to go for walks, play outside, and play at the park.

I am sure i am missing lots of things as well, but at least you know a little more about them :)

Shea and Wes's 2nd Birthday Party

Shea and Wes's second birthday party invitation!

We celebrated Shea and Wes's 2nd birthday party on September 29th, 2012.  We had both sides of our families here at the same time so it was a very full house.  It started off great but quickly took a different turn.  Shea had been sick the week before with a cold that she then shared with the rest of the family.  Wes was the last one to get sick, but was also the one hit the hardest.  After nap Wes woke up with a fever (Right before his party) and I gave him some Tylenol.   He wanted to just hang out on my lap during the party.  We did not have cake, he didn't open his presents (fortunately dad did for him), and didn't even get to sing happy birthday.  After everyone left, except Aunt Laura, Aunt Michelle and their kids, Rob decided to give Shea a bath with Cousins Chloe and Sadie helping.  As Wes was sitting on my lap he ended up having a febrile seizure - and to say the least it was the scariest thing I have ever experienced.  I handed him over to Rob and called 911 and Wes, Rob, and I rode in the ambulance as Shea stayed behind with Aunt Laura and Aunt Michelle.  Once at the hospital they did a chest x-ray to make sure his lungs were clear and gave him an IV to keep his temperature down.  After that we brought him home and he was better off an on through the week (he also had 3 more doctors office visits and one more visit to the ER).  I don't think Shea wanted to be left out so she also puked at her birthday party.  Their actual birthday had them feeling pretty good and we enjoyed the day as a family.  Everybody is much better now.

Family Photo!!

Grandma Bonnie with the Grand"Babies" - of course Shea and Wes couldn't both look at the camera in the same picture

His "Cheese" face

Beautiful girl!!

Right after nap - and yes Shea has Wes's underwear on her head!!

Not feeling good :(

Trying to get a spider before the party

Playing before the party

Kicking the ball :)


Best Buds

Party time - Uncle Chris

Shea and Cousin Hank


After the ER visit and ambulance ride - camping out - we all shared a bed for the first time!! Shea and Wes have never slept with us until this night!!

I love these beautiful kids!

Wes and Dad - not feeling good!

Shea, Wes, and cousin Hank looking on

Uncle Andy and Cousin Sage

Cousin Nikki

Cousins, Wil, Tom, Jed, Simon and Michael

Cousin Mattie

Cousin Tyler

The Cousins playing football