Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We have 2 rollers now - Yeah Miss Shea :)

Shea rolled over from front to back tonight - we are so proud of her!!

Typical Morning at the Turner House

Pretty Girl!!


Wes scoots everywhere now - he moved from the blanket to there in about 15 minutes!!  He does it all the time now.

Holding Hands :)

Holding Hands again - best buds :)

Tummy Time!!

They are getting so big!!

Where did our babies go??

Friday, February 18, 2011


So this week had the excitement of transitioning Wes and Shea to daycare.  They will only need to go Monday 12-4, Tuesday 8-4 and Friday 11-4.  We feel very blessed that they will not need to be at daycare full time and will have more time with us!!!   On Wednesday we took them and stayed with them for about 1.5 hours.  It was nice to interact with their teachers and let them get to know Shea & Wes.  On Thursday we dropped them off for 1.5 hours by themselves and Rob & I went and had lunch together.  To say the least, it felt more than a little weird and we were worried the whole time.  When we came back, they of course had done just fine.   Today I dropped and picked them up by myself (not to bad right now - when they get a little bigger I am sure it will get interesting :).   While they were at daycare I went shopping for them - needless to say they have lots of new clothes ;).  Wes is now in 9-12 months size and just seems so big.  Shea is still in 3 month size clothes.  Everyone at daycare say that they can't believe they are twins based on the size difference.  This next week will involve no daycare and then daycare will start on a regular basis on the 28th, followed by starting Cereal on March 1st.  Here are some pics from the last couple days in the Turner house (I am sorry there are more of Shea, she wore a dress for the first time!!). 

First day of daycare - getting ready to leave

Wes rockin his Mets gear - to all the Turner cousins and Uncles - GO METS!!!

Wes wearing his "Mets" shoes from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill - Wes thinks Uncle Bill is secretly a Mets fan :)

Shea in her first (of I am sure many) dress - She loved it!!


Happy Baby

Wes and Shea in their new Shades!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lots of Exciting things coming up in the next 3 weeks!

They day has finally arrived when Shea & Wes will start daycare - February 21st - just shy of 5 months old.  Rob has accepted a position with his old journeyman.  He is getting out of the Union and going back to Residential Plumbing which is what he has always liked best.  I am taking a day off next week so that I will have 3 days to get them acclimated to their new daycare center.  It will definitely be a change for all of us!!  We have been so fortunate and blessed to have them at home for the last 4.5 months.  They will also be starting Cereal on March 1st.  We had decided to wait until they were 5 months old to do this so we will see how it goes.  And then the next big thing is that Shea & Wes are starting Swim Lessons on March 3rd!!  They will be once a week on Thursday nights from 5:30 to 6 at Kids Body shop (I do not know if I am quite ready to be in a swimsuit yet - but for the kids I will)!!  And here are some fun pics from today!!

Rob's cousin got Wes this outfit from Hawaii - Shea has a matching dress  - Wes will not fit in his come summer so he had to model it tonight!!

He loved wearing it!! - I think he is getting excited for Summer even though he doesn't know what it is!

Wes's towel he uses after every bath that he got from Shana & Todd!!  Shea & Wes love them :)

Chillin - they love baths!

Big girl Shea - she looks so grown up here.

She loves to sit in the glider

Shea using Wes as a head rest!