Monday, October 17, 2011

Shea and Wes's First "1st Birthday" Celebration - 9/24/11 with the Weber Side

On 9/24/11 one week before Shea and Wes's actual first birthday, we celebrated the day with my side of the family.  Shea and Wes were very fortunate to have Great Grandma Weber and Great Grandma & Grandpa Haefeker at their party.  We also had Grandma and Grandpa Weber, Uncle Chris, Uncle Steve and Aunt Jenny along with Cousins Tyler, Nikki, Joey and Matty along with Great Aunts Cheri, Sue, and Tammy and Second Cousin Jackie!!!  The weather was absolutely perfect and we have included pictures that illustrate the day better than words could!! 

Great Grandma Weber 

Great Grandpa & Great Grandma Haefeker