Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lifetime Pool to begin September

So here it is September 2nd and we have spent the whole week at the pool.  The weather is awesome and I have fish for kids!!

And Wes loves to write Dad's name on his papers at preschool - everyday he comes home with both names on at least one paper.

August Ends with a Bang!

August went out with a Bang.  We ended the month with Soccer starting and Dance.  We also played at the park and lots of other things.

U5 Soccer - The Rapids:

Random pictures:

Nana had her 60th birthday party and we saw great grandma Donna as well!


Cap Day at Preschool - only this little man doesn't look like a preschool.  He is such a good looking guy!  I love him so much!

And can't leave out this beautiful girl!

First Day of Dance.  Shea has dance on Tuesday nights from 6:15-8 p.m. this year :)

Park Fun

Sidewalk Chalk