Friday, March 22, 2013

March 2013

March has been a very busy month for us.  Shea, Wes, and I have visited a lot of Fabric stores looking for just the right fabric for making valences for our living room and dining room.  I can happily say we found fabric that is just perfect for our home.  I also think we have the paint colors for the living room, hallway, kitchen/dinette, and bathrooms picked out and we have a painter lined up to start next week!!  Rob will then need to make our valences and reupholster our ottoman.  We are excited for the change!!  Rob has also finished the new "dropzone" room of our house (Besides a little trim work).  Shea and Wes even helped dad Paint!!

Shea and Wes love pirates - we had a great time at the fabric store playing and not only looking for fabric :)

Picture time with mom:

Shea and Wes love to brush their teeth and are very good at doing it :)

We spent today at the Zoo with Uncle Chris and Cousins Tyler, Nikki, Joey, and Mattie.  We all had a great time - Shea and Wes love visting the animals. 

Tyler, Nikki, and Shea

Shea and Nikki watching the penquins

Mattie and Tyler

Mattie, Shea and Wes watching the Gorilla's

Wes, Shea, and Cousin Nikki

Checking out the tiger

Jungle time!

Watching the Jelly Fish

Wes, Mattie, and Joey watching the Jelly Fish


Shea and Wes continue to learn everyday - they sing their ABC's, count, and Wes can identify almost every letter of the alphabet!!  Wes is 95% potty trained and Shea is about 70% potty trained :)  Next blog will be about Easter and New paint colors in our house!!