Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Card Pictures 2012

Aunt Jenny took them for us again.  I wasn't sure we would have any good ones as Shea and Wes weren't in the best of moods but they turned out great!!

December 2012

December has to have been one of our favorite months of the year - We did so many fun things - Children's museum with cousin Hank, Dad's Christmas Party where we saw Santa, Bounce U (which we signed up for a year and will be having weekly visits now), We made reindeer cookies, Wes and I went down to Great Grandpa and Grandma Haefeker's and Cousin Jesse's house on the 23rd to see all of Grandpa Weber's side of the family (Shea and Dad stayed home as Shea does not travel long distances well - hopefully next year she can as Wes had so much fun!!).  Christmas Eve with the Weber side was lots of fun and Christmas day with the Turner side was fun as well.

Goofing around with mom and dad:

We saw Santa at Dad's Christmas party.  It was lots of fun and they had a large train display that Wes loved.  Neither one cried when we saw Santa but Shea would not set on his lap :)

First time making Reindeer Cookies 

Bounce U - Shea loves the big slide and Wes's favorite is the baseball area:

Daycare Ornaments - This was a big surprise for us - I don't know when Daycare found the time to do this because the pictures were taken on different days than when they were brought home and I think Shea and Wes were at daycare maybe two half days total in the months of November and December - They are awesome though!!  They are also the only ornaments other than balls that we have on the tree.

Sledding - We finally got some snow in December and Shea, Wes, Rob and I had fun playing in the snow and sledding :)

Shea and Dad

Wes eating snow

After Sledding

Shea singing Santa Clause is coming to Town!!


On December 23rd, 2012 Wes and I headed down to Hastings to visit my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins - We had a great day - but missed seeing Great Grandma Weber as she was sick :(

 Wes on the drive

Wes and Cousin Nikki eating Lunch

Wes and Great Grandma and Grandpa Haefeker


A short nap in between Great Grandparents

Playing a video game for the first time with Cousins Joey, Mattie, and Eric
Playing with Destiny - Wes loved all the dogs

Opening a present

Warm pajamas from Great Grandma and Grandpa Weber

Wes and Great Grandpa Weber

Wes, Mom, Great Grandpa Weber and Bailey

Wes on the way home - He didn't want to set down his puppy Chow from Cousin Jesse (wearing his shirt from Great Aunt Cheri and Uncle Jeff)

Shea opening her sticker book from Great Grandma and Grandpa Weber when Wes and I got home

Shea opening her bath doll from Great Grandma and Grandpa Haefeker

Opening her puzzle from Great Aunt Lori, Uncle Butch, and Cousins Cari, Ally, and Erik

Opening her pajamas from Great Grandma and Grandpa Weber

Our Christmas Tree

Wes playing letters with Great Grandma Haefeker

Christmas Eve was spent with the Weber side at our house which has become a tradition - we had a great time:

Checking out the presents

Pizza for dinner

Opening presents from Nana and Papa - Wes got a pirate ship that he loves and Shea got a baby doll she loves

Shea opening her learning doll from Uncle Chris



Making Reindeer Cookies again!

Shea and cousin Nikki

Reindeers eating their reindeer cookies

Eating the frosting

Reindeer with Daddy Reindeer

Shea, Wes, Mom, Nana, and Poppa

Wes with his pirate ship, Monsters from Uncle Chris, and Aunt Jenny in the background

Playing games with Uncle Chris

Shea and Nana

Nana, Shea, Wes and Aunt Jenny

Opening their present on Christmas Eve - they got dream lites and love them

Christmas morning - Santa came and left the present pictured - we don't have pictures of them opening their other gifts - just video.  Wes received a work bench from Santa and A batman castle and jail and Toy story potatoe heads from Mom and Dad.  Shea recieved a Kitchen from Santa and A dress up mnnie mouse set, and doll accessories from mom and dad. 

Christmas Day was spent at Grammy's house with the Turners.  Shea and Wes had lots of fun and it was nice end to our three day Christmas Marathon :)

 Eating Fish at Grammy's

playing in Cousin Jed's Ball

Trying to run from Cousin Chloes scary Sock Monkey

Wes trying to Chloe to help him get into the presents - he loves to unwrap them
Shea and Wes opening their joint present from Grammy

Shea with her shopping cart from the Ekborgs - She loves it

First family picture in two years (Minus uncle Steve)


 Shea and Wes were spoiled with Christmas presents.  Santa brought Shea a Kitchen and Wes a work bench.  I have not heard either of them ask to watch TV since Christmas.  They love to play with their toys.  Wes is addicted to TV.  They are at such a fun age and Rob and I are enjoying every minute of it.  I have had a lot of time at home with them the last two months as it is a slower time of the year for Real Estate (Although the last week has been crazy busy!!).  We are looking forward to a great 2013 and lots more memories.
Days after Christmas Playing with all their toys!!

Dinner at Lazlo's with Mom and Dad:

Shea Dancing at Dinner

Yummy ice cream afterwards


I promise I will update more as I know there are so many things I missed on here and want to not miss any next year and have them written for all of our memories!!  Wishing everyone reading this a Happy New Year!! :)