Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10.5 months - 8-15-11

I love this picture - This was taken on their 10.5 month birthday :)

On their 10.5 month birthday - Wes officially became a crawler.  And he loves it - he literally was laughing as he crawled - it is the cutest thing ever!!  He has been able to get around for a little while now by lunging, sitting up, lunging some more and then army crawling.  Well - he is now a true crawler.  He is not as fast as Shea - but I know it will only be a matter of time before he is.  He also now has 8 teeth - that is right 8.  Shea still has 2.  She is a little ham though and loves to have an audience.  We had some friends over on Saturday night and she put on quite the show for them.  They are so much fun now and we love every minute with them!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

10 month pics

It is definitely more difficult to take pics now :)  I also forgot to mention that Shea has been pacifier free for about a month now!!  And it wasn't even a big deal getting rid of it.  Wes was a little under the weather when we took the pics.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

10 Months

Hanging out on the Patio

Mister Personality

The Good Life!!

Our Living Room has been invaded

I love them in their diapers!!

Such a happy guy!!

Practicing using their Sippy Cups

How I wish I could slow down time!!  My babies keep getting closer and closer to their 1 year birthday and less and less "baby" like.  Shea wanted to hit 10 months with a bang.  She began pulling herself up on Sunday.  She is definitely our on the go baby - she is not content to sit still.  She even spins in circles on her little rump (we will not be needing a sit and spin for her).  She also is always sitting up waiting for you in the morning and "bounces" on her bottom in excitement when she sees you.  She also bounces on it when she is mad and crying.  Wes is still not yet crawling and I think becoming more frustrated about it which breaks my heart.  He makes the saddest face I think I have ever seen when he is sad and it breaks my heart just thinking about it.  He does pull himself up though and can get to what he wants by rolling or pulling himself over - he has a pretty long reach which I think distracts him from crawling. 

Wes was a little under the weather on their 10 month birthday and is getting over an ear infection. Shea also just got over one.  Other than 2 ear infections each and Wes's hand, foot, and mouth - they have not been sick!!  We are blessed with such incredibly good babies who are very easy to care for :)

They both are trying and liking more foods - Greek yogurt, pancakes, green beans, french fries, etc.  Rob and I are just very scared to be giving them food and need to get over the fear of them choking.  I absolutely love every minute with them.  I continue to love them more and more everyday which I find hard to believe is possible.  And I so can not imagine having only one - how boring our lives would be.