Friday, November 26, 2010

Turner Thanksgiving

So today we celebrated Shea & Wes's first Thanksgiving with the Turner side.  We will be having the Weber Thanksgiving on Sunday at our house!!   We are very thankful to have Shea and Wes in our lives and believe that God has blessed more than we could have ever hoped for.  It has also been a blessing to have Rob laid off from plumbing so he could spend every minute with us and to be able to stay with them as I start back to work on this coming Tuesday.  Rob will most likely be able to stay with them till the spring and then go back to work.  We are also fortunate to have such great family and friends!!

Here are some pics from their big day!!!

Grandma Bonnie & Wes

Cousin Chloe & Shea

Cousin Connor with Wes & Shea

Aunt Laura & Cousin Jed

Aunt Michelle & Shea

Cousin Sadie with Shea and Cousin Chloe with Wes

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tummy Time

So we have been working on tummy time each day.  To say the least we obviously have a ways to go.  Shea seems to have a love/hate relationship with it.  When she loves it she just lays down - when she hates it - she does good at moving her head and gaining control.  Wes just loves it - loves to lay there that is!!!  They both seem to actually do best when they lay on our tummy.  I also took the opportunity today to get some pics of them together :)  I can't believe I go back to work a week from tomorrow - I am going to miss them SO much.  I do feel much better though knowing that they are going to be at home with Dad!!!  If they had to go to daycare know I don't know if I could do it.  I know eventually they will but will savor every minute they don't have too.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

11-19 & 11-20

So the last two days have been extra special. Not only did Shea & Wes Celebrate their 7 week birthday but Shana came to visit and stay the night with us. Shea & Wes rewarded her (and us) by sleeping thru the night and only waking when we had to feed them!!! Shana and I have been friends since college and we are truly blessed to have her as part of our lives.  She came all the way from Peru to visit!  It was so GREAT to see her and we don't get to see her enough :(  Shana has spoiled them rotten and Shea is wearing one of the outfits Shana got her :)

Me, Wes, Shea, & Shana

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Shana & Shea (wearing her pajama's from Great Aunt Lori)

Winston has come around to liking the babies more!!  Here are some pictures to prove it!!  Porter has liked them from day 1.

Winston & Porter with Wes & Shea

Winston with Wes & Shea

Winston with Shea & Wes

Thursday, November 18, 2010

11-15-10 - DUE DATE

So 11-15-10 marked Shea & Wes's actual due date - Crazy to think that on that date they are just over 6 weeks old on their actual due date!!!  For being preemies they are doing great.  They are great babies and sleep a lot right now!  I can't wait until they are more active (I might not thing that in a couple months ;) ).  Shea & Wes have been approved for the Synagis Vaccine Shot.  It is for preemies and since they are $1000 per shot there are strict guidelines for them to be approved, and even then a lot of insurance companies will not approve it.  They will end up getting between 1 and 5 shots and they are to protect them from RSV and each shot only lasts for 28 days.  So hopefully next week they will receive the shot.  Other than that it has been pretty quiet at the Turner house :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two sets of Twins!!

Last night cousins Sadie & Simon came over to visit Shea and Wes.  Sadie and Simon are also twins!!!  There birthday is actually this monday, November 15th which was actually Wes & Shea's due date :).  Shea and Wes were so happy to meet them for the first time and to see Aunt Michelle & Uncle Andy again.  The Gradoville's also have two Boston Terriers just like we do - of course we couldn't forget a picture of all of them together :)

Simon & Wes

Simon & Wes

Simon & Shea

Sadie & Wes

Andy & Shea

Betty, Porter, Winston, & Lucy :)


So Shea had her weigh in on Wednesday.  We were pleasantly surprised to learn that she is up to 5 lbs 10 oz's!!!  She gained 12 oz's in one week :)   She currently eats just over 2 oz's each feeding and Wes eats 4 oz's each feeding.  They are doing great and so far are not fussy babies which is awesome!!  We have enjoyed just hanging out with them and interacting with them.  It is also unbelievable that they turned 6 weeks yesterday.  Time goes by way to fast!!!

Shea getting ready to go get weighed!

Wes chilling on his boppy - they love them!!

Shea hanging out with Dad!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cousin Connor

Cousin Connor didn't make it over with his other siblings when they first met Wes - so they stopped by so Connor could meet Wes and they all could meet Shea - here are some pics :)

Connor & Shea

Connor & Shea

Connor & Shea with Chloe & Wes

Ekborgs & Turners

Ekborgs & Turners

Shea and Wes can't wait to meet all their other cousins as well!!!