Thursday, October 15, 2015

Joey the Turtle

The day after Shea and Wes's 5th Birthday party, we came home from Church to find the neighbor Eric in the driveway.  He came over to the car and said he had a surprise for Shea and Wes.  I thought maybe a frog, since we had seen some over at their house a couple days before - nope a turtle!!  He had found it in the street by the neighborhood park and thought the kids would love to see it and his wife, Charissa would not let Avrey keep it.  So they named him Joey and all the kids played with him - we kept him for two days and then had a neighborhood party to release him and I am sure that was the happiest moment of his life so far.  So thank you Joey the turtle for making my kids incredibly happy for two days :)

Rockclimbing Wall

Now that Shea and Wes are 5 they can do the rock climbing wall at Lifetime.  I will admit Wes and I were scared at first (Wes was probably nervous and I was scared) - I just get so afraid for them - so much in fact Shea wanted Dad to help her because I wouldn't let her climb high.  I got over my fear for them quickly (I Still have butterflies in my stomach watching them but I will suck it up for these kids).  They both can go all the way to the top after two days of doing it and it is HIGH!! and I still have not been on it (Rob has).  Wes actually has to work more based on his weight - Shea will eventually have to work more once she weighs more :)



October 1st, 2015 - Officially 5 years old

This is when it all began!! I can not believe they were ever this little!

1st Birthday Party

2nd Birthday Party
3rd Birthday - No Party because Wes had Croup :(

4th Birtday Party

And two beautiful kids on their 5th Birthday - We are so blessed - we had donuts for breakfast, took cupcakes to school, went to the Dentist (at this point they love the Dentist), and then the next day we got shots at Dr. Betsy's for school and they didn't cry - so we had Blizzards from Dairy Queen - not bad for this first two days of being 5!


5th Birthday Party!

5th birthday party - yes you read that correctly!  5????  Where has the time gone? Can someone please slow it down.  I want to spend every minute of every day with these two - they change so much - every second.  Why can't they stay little forever???  That being said, I love who they are becoming - they are kind, thoughtful, helpful, funny, smart, articulate, caring, and the list goes on.  They clean their rooms when asked, they clean other areas of the house as well when asked, they vacuum, they clean toilets, etc.   They do great in school and in sports, they are so well rounded. 
This years party was for friends and just cousins Hank and Sage since they are close in age.  Wes choose a Super Mario Party and Shea choose a My Little Pony Party.  Uncle Andy Gradoville did face painting, we had piƱata's, we played pin the tail on Mario and Pin the Tail on the Pony, we did bubbles, we ate cake, cookies, and ice cream  - and our first friend party was a success!