Monday, March 28, 2011

Wes hanging out showing off his new baseball cap - we are getting ready for nice weather and being outside

Shea in her new baseball cap - just like clothes and shoes - its a little too big!! :)

Wes showing off his outfit that Gina gave us from Max - Thanks Gina!! I love his face in this picture :)

Underwater and Dad's New Truck

So of course we have been busy in the Turner house.  Shea and Wes have settled in to a pretty good routine with Daycare - and I continue to get them there on time with everything they need!!   Shea and Wes had their 2nd (as they missed one being sick) swim lesson last Thursday night.  It start like the last one and then once we were in the water Miss Amy showed us how to put our baby under water with a "swooping" motion.  To say the least I must have had a look of pure horror on my face.  I had originally thought they would go under water, but after the first lesson thought I was mistaken - they had been out of the womb for too long to know what to do.  Rob also instructed me not to put Shea under water (and of course he wouldn't either - nor should I let anyone else do it).  And then Miss Amy walks over to me and takes Shea to show everyone how it is done - and mentions that she always goes to the mother who looks the most concerned.  Needless to say Shea handled it like a champ (unlike her mom and dad).  Rob and I were still of the mind set we were not doing it - we would just hang out and watch everyone else do it with their babies (Corbin was quite good at this and his mom was a champ with him).  Until Miss Amy told us to "do it".  So alas, we dunked both Shea and Wes and they had no problem with going under!!

Shea with Miss Amy the instructor after getting dunked

Wes under water!!

Shea & Wes with Corbin - Their swimming buddy!!

Miss Amy getting ready to dunk Shea

Here are some interesting facts about Shea and Wes - Shea is still in 0-3 month clothes, 3-6 are too big!!  Wes on the other hand is in 9-12 month clothes.  I can't wait for Friday when they have their 6 month (yes I said 6 month - it has gone by WAY TOO FAST!!) check up.  Wes eats 7 oz's every feeding (usually 5 times a day) and 3 tbsp's cereal twice a day.  Shea eats anywhere from 4-6 oz's every feeding and does not like cereal.  Wes is very predictable and such a happy baby.  Shea is predictably unpredictable when it comes to eating and a happy baby.  Shea is definitely likes to be "in control" and Wes is very laid back.  They go to be every night between 7 and 8 and wake up once between 4 and 6 and then go right back to sleep until sometime between 8 and 10 a.m.   They both talk quite a bit now -Rob says they talk as much as I do know- I think he is going to be in trouble with 3 people who like to talk all the time ;). 




Rob has a Dodge Dakota extended cab that has been paid off for awhile now, and although it is a great truck - it just isn't save with Shea and Wes.  With Rob being so tall and the carseats rear facing - Rob's Knees have to be in the dashboard.  So Rob has researched trucks (and in particular the space from the back seat to the back of the front seat) and we decided to purchase (we pick it up last Tuesday) a Ford F150 XLT Super Crew Cab.  The Ford has the most room in the cab (The Chevy Silverado actually has the same space as the Dodge Dakota - crazy).  Usually I hate and dread purchasing a new vehicle - the hours spent in the dealership "negotiating" the price.  Well I truly enjoyed purchasing this one and actually got what we wanted (price on the new one and trade in on the Dakota).  I did everything over the phone (two calls that totalled less than 20 minutes!!) with Ted Murray at Woodhouse Blair who was recommended to me by one of my coworkers - I highly recommend him. 

Next up a 6 month update on Friday - Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy 2 weeks

So the last 2 weeks have been busy (hence why there hasn't been a blog update in awhile).   On February 26th Shea & Wes started eating cereal - this went very well for Wes, and not so good for Shea.   We actually have quit feeding Shea cereal and will start again this Saturday.   Wes of course loves food and we did not think it would be a problem for him - we did think it might be too early for Shea but tried it anyway as she has low iron and the cereal has iron in it. 

Shea and Wes also started daycare last week.  We were able to make on time all three days.  We did have one little mishap.  Tuesdays are their "long" day at daycare.  I drop them off at 8 and Rob picks them up at 4.  As this was our first Tuesday I was excited to get there on time until I opened their back to get their bottles out - I had only packed one for each!!  So needless to say I have a great coworker and I picked them up at 12:20 :)  Friday ended up being a long day and will be the first Friday of each month (8:30 to 4) and I did take the correct amount of bottles (although they came home short one bottle and without their notebook where we track their info).

On Tuesday March 1st - Shea & Wes turned 5 months old!!  They are growing so fast and we do not know where the time goes!!  Here are some pics of them on their big day!!

Wednesday March 2nd was followed by Angela Steven of Angela Stevens Photography coming to our house to capture incredible pictures of Shea and Wes.  Angela takes beautiful pictures and is very affordable - we highly recommend her - her contact info is  and phone number is 402.235.2827 - tell her the Turners sent you.  Here are just a few of the pics!!

And then Thursday March 4th brought their first night of swim lessons - so lots of firsts.  We are fortunate to have a girl I went to High School with, Cari and her son Corbin, in their class.  Cari and her husband took pictures of Shea & Wes as Rob & I had our hands full :)  Shea & Wes really loved it and we are looking forward to more.

This week Shea & Wes have colds  (Shea's has been worse than Wes's) and I have been home with her & Wes all week.  They will go to daycare on Friday.  Aunt Laura is going to come watch them while I go to a work luncheon tomorrow.  This is the first time they have been sick so we have been pretty fortunate so far.

So that is what you have missed out on in the Turner house.  Will post more updates soon!!