Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 2014

I can not believe the first quarter of the year is almost over and in 3 days Shea and Wes will be 3.5 years old (April 1st (or April Fool's Day and it feels like someone is playing a joke on me).  Where did my babes go - I miss the baby stage but I am amazed every day by what they learn and their little personalities.  They went into the office with me yesterday (which they love to do) and I was told I should bring them in more often as they are so well behaved and all my coworkers love them!

This month has been filled with nice weather, spring break at pre-school, and the addition of a trampoline to the back yard (Shea and Wes want to jump on it all the time)!.




Saint Patrick's Day


All bundled up (snow pants even) to have fun on the trampoline in the cold!!

Movie Day - Shea and Wes love going to the movies with the EKBORG'S!!
We went and saw Mr. Peabody - As you can imagine the name of this movie is hysterical to 3 year olds.  It was actually a very cute movie

February 2014

And again I am behind at updating the blog - UGH!!  In February we finished indoor soccer (which they loved), celebrated Valentine's Day with their first home made Valentine's (Thank you Pinterest - they each picked out their own to make), and all the usual fun things that we do!

Indoor Soccer:

Valentine's Day Parties:

Shea of course kept eating her candy hearts from the bingo game!

Snow Day - We really have only been out in the snow one day this year.  And thankfully we went out in the morning because by the afternoon it was all melted!!

CBSHOME had their awards banquet in February.  I am truly blessed to be part of the Jennings Team.  I could not ask for a better mentor or team mates.  The Jennings Team Finished 2013  as the Top Producing Team in the History of CBSHOME and the top team for number of transactions in all of the Omaha Metro Area!


Fun at home: