Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beautiful Weather at the end of October

Since the weather was so nice last week we actually got out and enjoyed it playing in the yard - here are some pics :)

Halloween and Shea's Tubes - 11/2/11

For Halloween Shea and Wes were monkeys.  We didn't actually take them out trick or treating as there aren't a lot of houses in the neighborhood and they really wouldn't have enjoyed it much this year.  We had only 2 trick or treaters.  Next year I am sure they will love it and we will definitely be out trick or treating:

On 11/2/11 - 1 year to the day we brought Shea home from the hospital, we headed to Children's hospital to have tubes put in Shea's ears.  She has been having constant ear infections since July so they were worried about the fluid on her ears causing hearing loss.  We went at 6:00 a.m. and were home by 9:30.  You would never have known she had them in based on how she acted afterwards.  They did not have to do an iv which was nice although they did put her out.  She does not act any differently but hopefully she wont get anymore ear infections.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Happenings

Wes took his first steps on 10-11-11 and by 10-17-11 he started walking all over the place.  He is actually a very good walker and actually took to walking quicker once he started than Shea did.  They are both now walking all over!!   Tomorrow - November 2nd marks the 1 year mark for bringing Shea home from the hospital and completing our family at home.  Shea will have tubes put in her ears tomorrow as well at Children's hospital.  She has had a lot of ear infections since July, but other than that her and Wes are very healthy.  October 28th marked my last day with Charleston Homes.  I have moved my license to CBS Homes allowing me the opportunity to do more in the Real Estate market and allow me even more time with Shea and Wes and more flexibility in my schedule.  Other than that - we are loving every minute as a family and enjoying watching Shea and Wes grow!!!

10-1-11 - Happy 1st Birthday to Shea & Wes

Today is Shea and Wes's first birthday.  We celebrated the day with the Turner Side.  We had all the immediate family plus Uncle Bill and Aunt Nancy and Jack & Trish.  We were again blessed with beautiful weather.  I am not going to lie, it makes me sad that my babies are 1.  It has gone by way to fast.

Here are some things about each of them.

Shea:  She hates to be confined and always has to face out.  I wish she would snuggle with me more :(.   She always has such a serious face and her mind is always working to figure things out and you can see it on her face.  On the opposite side of that when she laughs (and she will if you work hard at it) she has the cutest and funniest laugh ever!!  She loves greek yogurt, french toast sticks, blueberry pancakes, grilled cheeses, cheese, puffs, and bananas to just name a few things.  She is sleeping thru the night!!  She loves to play with Wes.  She never gets hurt and if she falls over she kinda looks around to see if anyone noticed it.

Wes:  He will snuggle with his momma, dad, or anyone else for that matter - love my big guy!!  He laughs at everything and is such a ham!!  He loves food - everything and shovels it in so fast that Rob & I don't think he even chews it.  He will cry every time he gets "hurt" he is such a drama king!!  He is climbing everything and I have to keep my eye on him all the time.  He started taking steps this week (10-10-11) - I think he will be walking soon!!

They are two of the best babies ever.  I don't know what we ever did without them and I am looking forward to all the years and memories to come!!!