Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 2014

I can not believe January 2014 is already here - and have way over with!!  Shea and Wes have had a busy start to the month.  They started back to preschool, dance, swim lessons, and started indoor soccer.  They have a busy schedule that usually goes like this-

Monday - Shea dance 9 a.m. and then we go to Bounce U for about 2-3 hours then come home
Tuesday - Preschool 8:45-11:45 and then soccer 6:30-7:30
Wednesday - Usually anything we want to do - Zoo, Children's Museum, Bounce U, etc
Thursday - Preschool 8:45-11:45, Music Class 11:45- 12:30 and then anything we want to do
Friday - Swim Lessons 9-9:30 followed by Children's Museum, Zoo, Bounce U or whatever
Saturday - Soccer 10-11
Sunday - Usually spent with Dad while Mom is at open houses

So as you can see we keep pretty busy!  At home they love to play with their toys, color, playdough, etc.  Shea is a phase where she wants to wear dresses everyday!  They both love spicy cheese (pepper jack cheese), and are very good eaters (will eat just about anything!).  They are really beginning to become very good playmates and I love to listen to them and see how imaginative they are!

Princess Shea:

50 Degrees Weather in January = Outside Fun!

Bath Time Fun!

Indoor Soccer:

Hawaiian Day At Preschool - It takes quite a few pictures to get a good one with these crazy kids!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

The end of 2013

So all good things must come to an end - 2013 was a year of great things for the Turner Family.  Shea and Wes started preschool, soccer, and dance. Shea is obsessed with Dresses.  The first words out of her mouth is I want to wear my pretty dress.  She loves to dance, sing, and talk for hours (literally in her bedroom at night she talks forever and sings it is actually fun to listen to her on the monitor).  She loves dinosaurs, and all animals.  She knows her colors, shapes, etc.  She is very loving.  Wes is so incredibly smart.  He knows all his letters, etc.  He is a good listener and remembers everything.  They love to sing Christmas songs, He loves Spiderman, trains, sports, etc.  They love to watch tv although we try to limit it as much as possible.  They continue to amaze me everyday and I can not wait to see what 2014 has in store for us.

Coco Keys Water Park with Cousin Sage, Uncle Andy, Aunt Krista, and Grammy Bonnie

On Friday December 27th we headed to CoCo Keys Water Park with Cousin Sage, Uncle Andy, Aunt Krista, and Grammy Bonnie.  It was our first time there and I am sure we will go back again.  Shea and Wes loved swimming, going down the slides (including the tunnel slide all by themselves), the lazy river (they loved to run in it).  It is perfect for kids their age and they can do most of it by themselves.  Shea and Wes continue to be amazing swimmers and Shea can hold her breath under water longer than I can and loves to have her head constantly under water.  Wes is just as good of a swimmer as Shea.  I only wish we were able to take more pictures at the water park.  A funny story from the Waterpark was when we set down to eat.  Krista and I went to get the food.  Krista came back with food for her, Andy, and Sage first.  Wes helped himself to the Cheeseburger and Shea helped herself to the fries - I can definitely say my kids are great eaters!!  We then headed out to Grammy's that night with Dad to hang out with everyone again!!  I can not wait to watch these guys grow up to be great friends.  They had so much fun together!!