Thursday, July 17, 2014

June 2014

I am getting closer - to being caught up. And then I want to try really hard to keep it updated on a regular basis.  There are so many things that I am missing on here - But I am not missing out on them in real life.  I continue to be thankful everyday for a job that allows me to spend so much time with Shea and Wes - to truly raise my kids and provide for them at the same time!!  I think they have been to daycare for maybe  3 hours twice in the last two months.  We have spent our time together outdoors, playing, and everything else imaginable.  They are getting so smart, say the cutest things, and are a joy to be around.  Shea loves clothes  - she loves to play dress up and has even convinced Wes to play dress up with her a couple of times.  They continue to eat there vegetables and all foods.

The first week in June - Shea and Wes went to a camp at preschool - it was Lets Imagine.  They had lots of fun and were there Monday-Thursday 9-12.  They are also going to three camps in July as well and then will start preschool August 14th.  They will be going 5 days a week M-F - 8:45-11:45.   I have already started to miss them and it makes me sad to already have them being gone that much but they learned so much last year and I know they will again this year.  They love going so thankfully that makes it a little easier.

More Hiking at Chalco - we could spend everyday hiking and being outside

We went to a Storm Chasers game and Wes was able to go on the field as part of his TBall league.

Warrior Dash - I ran this again (Rob did not) with Chelsey - We then met up with Brian and Leah - Leah is an amazing inspiration as she completed this while undergoing Chemo and fighting Cancer - Such a strong courageous person and I am so glad I can call her a friend.

Wes and mom chilling while Shea swims at swim lessons.  During the summer their instructor does them at her house - We go on Fridays and Wes swims from 8:30-9 and Shea swims from 9-9:30 - they are private lessons with no other kids to contend with - it is so nice!!

Our neighbors - Eric, Charissa, and Avery invited us out to the Riverside Lake to swim.  Charissa's parents live out their and are very gracious hosts.  The first time we went out it was just us and Charissa and Avery - the pics below are from that trip.  The kids had so much fun and Shea had to get Lexi their lab onto the tube :)  The next time we went Eric and Rob went as well and Shea and Wes were able to ride the Jetski's with Rob and we all rode on the boat - needless to stay my children want to go to the beach every day!

Zorinsky pool - my one and only time taking Shea and Wes to the pool by myself.  The weather was cooler so the pool was not crowded at all.  They are great little swimmers and stayed in the water except for breaks.

Shea and Wes with the Weber cousins- They had so much fun playing in the backyard

College World Series - This year we went to opening day and had the time of their live.  It was so awesome to see their excitement.  Wes received about 4 balls - his first from a Louisville player.  The Virginia Cavaliers Coach went to Saint Albert's (where Rob went to high school) so Wes of  course liked that team as well.  Shea was a little more scientific in picking her team ;)  She picked her team based on color - purple to be exact - the TCU Horn Frogs.  Their two teams ended up playing each other so we went to the Tuesday night game that they played in.  We left about the 6th inning. The game lasted for 14 innings with Virginia Winning - good thing before the end!

Miscellaneous pictures for June

Shea with Nana in the apron Nana made for her