Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Reptile Day at Preschool

Wes did awesome!

Husker Day at Preschool, Iowa State Game, miscellaneous

Shea and Wes had Husker Day at Preschool.  Every Thursday when there is a home game on the weekend is Husker Day (or another team).  She and Wes proudly sported their Husker gear (even though Daddy did not like it).  Rob of course purchased them some Oklahoma wear which they have happily worn as well.  Rob and I attended the Cyclone season opener - we try to attend one game a year.  Shea and Wes stayed with Aunt Laura, Uncle Kevin, Will, Chloe, Connor, and Jed - they had so much fun - especially with the goo (which for the record there is still some in our backyard). We enjoyed the HooDoo day parade again and Shea, Wes, and Sage had lots of fun riding the ChooChoo.  Shea also started dance class on 9-9-2013.  Shea had lots of fun - Wes and I spend the time together during this and we don't actually get to see Shea dance.  Her class is on Monday mornings from 9-10.  They had reptile day at preschool and Wes actually let them put a snake on him - yuck!!  Shea and Wes's 2nd soccer game went much better than there first game and Wes played the whole game and even scored a goal!!  Shea just had a little rest and is motivate to play for snacks!!   We also enjoyed going to see the movie Planes - Shea and Wes did an excellent job and we stayed for the whole movie.  They have also received different plane toys to play with.







Walking the Boys:

Iowa State Cyclones Season Opener:

Goo with the cousins while mom and dad were gone  -and donuts with the Ekborgs!!


Park Fun:

Fun Pics:


Park Fun:

Game two:

Ready for Her first Dance Class - 9-9-13

Hair Cut Fun:

Park Fun yet again: