Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cousin Sage

So last Saturday - July 16th, We drove to Des Moines, to visit cousin Sage who was born on 7/11/11.  He is such a cute little guy and Shea and Wes can't wait till he is bigger and they can play - Wes also took a liking to "Cousin Henry."  Shea and Wes really aren't afraid of anything (Besides Great Uncle Bills Singing).  Shea laughed hysterically every time Henry Barked.  See pics below :)

Cousin Sage

Wes meeting Henry for the First Time

Wes heading for Henry :)

Wes smiling and talking to Henry

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A tooth and crawling

Shea has had a busy week.  Her first tooth (bottom right) popped thru the gum on July 4th.  She also can crawl both backwards and forwards now!!

4th of July Celebration with the Turner's

On July 3rd we celebrated with The Turner side at our house this year - it was a great time as always :)

Cousins Connor, Will, Chloe and Sadie lighting Fireworks

Cousins Sadie and Chloe - the only other "girl" cousins on the Turner side :)

Uncle Steve and Chloe working on flying Kites

Grandma Bonnie flying her kite!!

Uncle Steve

Aunt Michelle with her serious kite face :)  Aunt Michelle was the best kite flyer of the day!!

Cousin Chloe

Shea Chillin on the patio

Wes Chillin in his swing

Shea and Wes with Cousin Hank - this was their first meeting

4th Of July Celebration with the Weber's

On the 2nd we celebrated the 4th of July with the Weber side - Here are some pics :)

Shea & Wes with Grandma Raylene

Cousin Matt and Wes

Uncle Chris & Wes

Cousins Matt & Niki with Shea

Grandma Raylene & Shea

Joey & Tyler playing Baseball with Rob & Steve

Shea with Cousin Niki and Grandma Raylene

Uncle Chris & Shea

Shea with Grandma Raylene

Cousin Joey & Shea

Uncle Steve with Wes - Wes loves his Goatee

Wes and Matt again

Happy Boy!!

7-2-11 - Family Pics

On 7-2-11 we drove to Des Moines in the morning and back to get some chairs for the Patio and briefly got to see Aunt Krista and Uncle Andy (and baby Turner although he is still hanging out in his mama's belly!).  We then came back and Aunt Jenny took some 9 month pictures for us and then we had the Weber side over.  It was a great day - here are some pics: