Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ice Skating

Shea and Wes went ice skating for the first time. Since we went during the day on a week day we had it to ourselves with only two other people who were there for a little bit.  They had so much fun and improved so much from start to finish.

November Happenings

Cap Day at Preschool.  Shea of course wore her TCU hat and Wes wore his KC Royals hat from T-Ball.

Wacky Day at school for Wes and then Peanut Butter Cookie Making Day!


Pizza Date!


Miscellaneous Fun!

Snow Fun!!

Trampoline Snow Fun

A little tired after shoveling




Schramm Park

We decided to enjoy the beautiful November weather by Hiking at Schramm Park - We are so blessed to live in a city that allows us so many places to go adventuring in Nature.  I hope when Shea and Wes grow up they continue to find time to stop and enjoy all the beauty surrounding them.