Friday, May 27, 2011

5-25-11 - Wes's first trip to the Doctors

Wes had his first trip to the doctors today for something other than a well baby check up.  He started with a rash on his elbows and it progressed to his hands, feet, and legs.  When he woke up from his nap his feet were red, swollen, and looked bruised.  So Rob and Shea stayed home and Wes and I headed to our pediatricians office.   Wes weighed in at a lofty 21 lbs and was diagnosed with hand/foot and mouth - which is a virus that needs to run its course.  Wes's ears also looked a little red (from drainage the doctor believes) so he was prescribed his first medicine - Amoxcicillin.  I do have to say that so far - he is the happiest little guy even when sick!!  Here are some pics of the rash:

Shea and Wes and I took some pics for tonight with my camera on my phone - I thought they turned out great:

Happy Boy!~

Love them!!

Wes's Signature pose with Shea :)

This is a preview of what is to come over the next 18 years :)

Monday, May 16, 2011


Shea and Wes are perfecting their sitting skills.  Wes is actually very good at it and can sit and only occasionally topples backwards.  Shea is still working on it but is making great progress (although she would like to remind everyone she can roll over and Wes does not on a regular basis yet).  Wes would also like to show everyone his two front teeth (and again remind everyone Shea doesn't have any yet).  Their hasn't been any biting yet - so lets hope it remains that way ;)

Easter & Babysitting

So this post is a little late and out of order so I apologize.  Here are some pictures from Easter and also from when the Ekborg's babysat Shea and Wes while Rob and I went out to Celebrate our Friend Eric's Birthday.

The Turner Cousins - Connor, Chloe, Sadie, Simon, Will, & Jed (and the turner boy's are missing)

Jed feeding Shea - he thought it was funny the way she eats :)

Chloe & Wes

Will & Wes-  the "W" Boys

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 1st - 7 months

I can't believe Shea & Wes are already 7 months old.  It goes by too fast.  Wes has a second tooth that broke through the skin on the bottom.  Wes is close to rolling over and can sit for small periods of time unassisted.  Shea can roll over and has no teeth yet.  Both like their food, but tend to not like the green vegetables too much.  Here are some pics for their 7 months.