Monday, July 15, 2013

June 2013

June went by fast - I am still trying to get caught up on the blog.  We played outside a lot, went to the zoo, children's museum, pool etc.  Shea and Wes also had their first professional hair cuts on 6/20/13.  Rob has cut Wes's hair since his first hair cut and Shea finally had her first haircut ever (not that she needed it except to trim the ends).  Shea and Wes continue to amaze me every day.


Shea had to have this dog in the purse:

First Professional Hair Cut - 6/20/13


Playing with Dad's work Gear

On Our Way to Family Pictures:

Some of our Professional Pictures:


Watching Fireworks before the 4th of July

Oil Changes:

Chalk Fun

Baby Birds:

Backyard Pool Time one of our favorite summer activities:

Fathers Day  2013:

They Love Watermelon (and all other fruits and vegetables and Salad with Ranch!!)

Warrior Dash - Rob and I competed in the Warrior Dash again this year with Steve Turner and Chelsey Turner - it was rainy but was a good time again as always (and a little muddy).

We also enjoyed some 70's golf with Jack and Tricia and Bill and Nancy :)