Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Writing Mom's signature

I recieved an email from Wes's teach mid December that said he brought home a note I was supposed to sign a week ago for getting in trouble.  It also said he had signed my "signature" and turned it in to his teacher!!  The first clue to me should have been him asking me every morning how to write my signature since both him and Shea know how to write my name.  I didn't think anything of it though and told him I just write Missy for my signature.  When Wes got home we asked him what he had did and explained that we were not too upset with what he originally got in trouble for which was talking too much (wonder who I got that from ;)  ) but were disappointed in him for lying to us and his teacher.  I asked him where the note was as I check their folders every night and he admitted he put it under my seat so I wouldnt find it.  We then made him write his teacher a note and apologize to her.  I do admit it is a little bit funny but I am slightly scared for what the next couple of years bring :)

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